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Verdi's Requiem,
breath of resistance and life

In 2023, vivOpera will be presenting a musical drama inspired by the work of the conductor Rafael Schächter, who performed Verdi’s Requiem as a breath of resistance and life at the Terezín concentration camp.

This new work highlights the Requiem as a beacon of hope and openness towards others in the fight against indifference and barbarism in all its forms.

"We sing to them what
we can not say to them."
Rafael Schächter
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Rekviem is a stage production, educational initiatives, artistic invitations, an artistic movement, a documentary and a feature film.

Rekviem was born from a profound desire to communicate to the world an awareness of the power inherent in music to transcend situations bereft of hope.

In 1943, a handful of men and women musicians in Terezín used Verdi’s Requiem to kindle the flames of an extraordinary act of resistance to horror, enlightening us on how to resist, transcend, federate, soothe through art and music.

Today, as our world experiences great suffering, there is an upsurge in the fear of others, ghettoisation — even negationism —which once again blocks out the lights of peace.

Consequently, our mission as artists is crucial, more so than ever before.

Rekviem is the power to stand up and be counted, as human beings. Quite simply, the power to carry on embodying humanity even in places where attempts are being made to deny its very existence.

From a musical resistance that expresses the inexpressible to an artistic movement of hope #WeAreRekviem.

The project has the support of committed public figures, who include Robert Badinter, HSH the Prince Albert of Monaco, France's Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, soprano & actress Natalie Dessay, stage director Pier Luigi Pizzi, Nikolaus Bachler from the Bayerische Staatsoper, Terezín survivor Michael Gruenbaum, The Chief Rabbi of France Haïm Korsia, Amnon Weinstein (Violins of Hope), former Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand, Defender of Rights Jacques Toubon and lawyer Jean Veil, the son of Simone Veil.
Verdi’s Requiem

The Terezín Requiem

Workshop in the Amphitheatre, Paris Opera-Bastille

Educational and social initiatives

Rekviem stage production
Movement #WeAreRekviem
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+33 (0) 6 87 77 55 00

Board of directors 

Edouard Brane 
Jorge Chaminé 
Jean-Patrick Farrugia 
Mathieu Ferey 
Hanieh Hadizadeh 
Abdelilah Laloui
Paolo Moscovici 
Paul Tuszynski Richman
Shelly Verthime  

Executive Producer
Frédérique Gerbelle / Céleste Productions

Production managers
Jeanne Coussy, Florent Haentjens / Céleste Productions

Stage managers
Hélène Mayzou, Edouard Gay

Mimi Durand Kurihara / Arts and Patrons


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